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29 2020-09

Casting machine ventilation system

The production cost of polyimide film casting has continued for many years. The traditional equipment production style has been continued for many years. The fan draws natural air into the pipe, and the air is heated by a heater to 180NC-230C ℃ and then passed into the casting machine. The exhaust fan extracts the exhaust gas mixed with evaporated solvent after operation, and then cools the gas to room temperature through the cooling of chilled water, and then discharges it. Because heating the air at room temperature to 180C-230C requires the energy of the big stars, and reducing the hot air from 180C-230C to room temperature requires a large amount of chilled water, the production energy consumption is high, and the cost is high. In order to overcome the shortcomings in the prior art, a casting machine ventilation system that can recycle the heat energy of exhaust gas, reduce energy consumption, and thereby reduce production costs is provided. The casting machine ventilation system includes a fan, a heater, an exhaust fan, and an exhaust cooling system, and is characterized in that it also includes a heat exchanger, and the air outlet of the fan is connected to the air inlet of the heat exchanger. The air outlet of the heat exchanger is connected to the gas inlet of the heater, the gas outlet of the heater is connected to the gas inlet of the casting machine, and the exhaust port of the casting machine is connected to the exhaust gas of the heat exchanger. The exhaust gas outlet of the heat exchanger is connected with the gas inlet of the exhaust gas cooling system, and the gas outlet of the exhaust gas cooling system is connected with the gas inlet of the exhaust fan. The casting machine ventilation system can use the heat energy of the exhaust gas to heat the air entering the casting machine, which can reduce production energy consumption, reduce the consumption of cooling water, and reduce production costs
29 2020-09

Correct operation of large casting machine

In the modern production environment, all kinds of large-scale industrial machinery are an indispensable part, and large-scale casting machines are one of them. For such a huge equipment, if there is no correct operation method, not only the production will become inconvenient, but it will even bring certain safety hazards to the operators. Let's take a look at the correct operation of large casting machines. 1. Check whether the rotation and pressure of each mixer of the casting machine are normal, whether the heat exchange system, pump and each pressure gauge can work normally, etc. 2. Use a thick film to wear each stick, and then close the chilled radiation State, press the diaphragm. 3. Start the casting machine, check whether the thick sheet and the melt have been adhered firmly and smoothly, and then pull the thick sheet tightly toward the person standing at the exit. 4. Adjust the appropriate working position, and carefully complete all operations. 5. After the production is over, manually adjust the casting machine to the non-working position, and then introduce the material into the receiving tray, and stop the casting machine.
29 2020-09

The correct way to use a casting machine

For most users who have purchased a casting machine, I believe everyone is familiar with its structure and characteristics. On the basis of a certain understanding of the equipment, its correct use method can bring huge help to the entire production process. After purchasing a casting machine, the first thing to do is generally to have a detailed understanding of the product manual. Most of the machinery and equipment will have some dedicated and professional operating terms and procedures, and these are usually rare or even invisible in our daily lives. Therefore, a careful understanding of the product manual is very helpful in this regard. Understanding the machinery and basic functions and control operations is the basis for using a casting machine. Secondly, in the process of using, we must pay attention to some details. For example, water stains around the casting machine, because water can conduct electricity, and the casting machine itself is a live product, so it is necessary to prevent leakage accidents. Secondly, in order to ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment, daily maintenance is also essential.
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